Which web company to choose?

We know it's hard choosing a website design company with there being so many for you to choose from. At the Qube Digital Group we like making thing easy for our customers when they are looking to get their websites created, which is why we have listed a few of the key reasons why we believe you should get your website through us.

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How Social Media has affected our website designers

Social Media has introduced several changes in the way people communicate and interact with the brands and form their opinions about them. Not only this, but presence of brands on social media even impacts our decision making when it comes to purchases and also, the way websites are designed. Like social media, people seek an intuitive and interactive experience on websites, and thus, the website designers are now changing the way they design sites to accommodate the elements which people look for.

How Social Media has affected our website designers

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Our Marlborough Branch

Our close knit group of website developers in Marlborough began to work with us early 2015, and it has been a successful and rewarding partnership since. With a specialist social media department they handle the majority of our client’s social campaigns.

Qube Digitals Marlborough Branch - Website Designers

How to use Parallax Scrolling to Improve Your Website

You’ve probably noticed something new in web design in recent years: sites that animate themselves as you scroll. (If you haven’t, here are a few examples.) This is known as parallax scrolling, and the technique has become a must-have for many websites — especially for digital and design companies looking to make an instant impression.

Parallax scrolling

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This is where it all began

It all started here Qube Digital Group, in Swindon. You will find highly experienced personnel with an impeccable eye for website design work and the little details needed to put your website above your competitors in looks, but also in the search engines.

Qube Digital first network branch Swindon Website Designers